Louise's Travel Journal

Ely, MN… This place is kinda fun.

I’m taking my oh-so-trusting family on yet another adventure. Our dear friend and hairstylist of 8 years, left us in December to move home to Ely, MN. This weekend’s main objective is to visit Jessi and get haircuts.

Having received puzzled looks from our friends after explaining our vacation plans,we realized that driving 5 hours to get a haircut may be viewed as a bit excessive/obsessive. Now, let’s be very clear. A haircut from Jessi IS THAT GOOD. But, so as not to come off as total wack-jobs, we coordinated our trip to coincide with the Wolf Track Classic dog sled race  that is taking place in Ely. http://www.wolftrackclassic.com/

Rumor has it that not much else is going on in Ely, MN this time of year. Shops are still closed up for the winter, wild animals (at least the exciting ones that can kill you) are still hibernating. If I suddenly get an overwhelming, primordial urge to capture and kill my food, some ice-fishing may be in my future. Otherwise, the weather should be nice for whatever we do. First priority… haircuts!

Ely is not quaint… mostly unique and exotic for it’s isolated place in the world. The gateway to the BWCA has a broad, eclectic feel that appeals to a wide variety of interests. This place is not just a camper’s respite. This town has so much more than wilderness outfitters and local bars. Ely’s main street offers hours of urban exploration for every curious wallet.

I’m not saying Ely isn’t a granola eater’s paradise. There is plenty of dirt for the tree huggin’, Dr. Bronner’s lovin’, Nalgene fanatic, tent dwellers.

Nor am I saying that the bars don’t have plenty of middle aged, female divorcées singing Elvira at the top of their lungs, competing for the loudest voice, the lowest cut top and the man with the cleanest Levi’s.

All I’m suggesting is that if you have a free weekend and need to get out of town. Don’t let Ely’s remote location and dull reputation fool you. This place is kinda fun.

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