Louise's Travel Journal

Two Feet on the Ottoman

Today we arrived in Istanbul. The largest city in Turkey, boasting 15 million people (3X the size of Minnesota) and the only city in the world to span 2 continents. We received a mini tour of the city when we put our lives in great danger and took a cab to our hotel. YIKES!

We are staying at the Grand Hotel Halic. Nice place, centrally located on the “Golden Horn”. After checking in and taking a few minutes to clean up after 12 hours of travel we hit the ground running at 6:30pm and went looking for dinner.


We walked through our neighborhood to the Galata Koprusu (Bridge). Caught a beautiful sunset behind the hills and mosques. Saw men of all ages fishing off the bridge. Quite the tourist attraction when one of them snags a little sardine and reels it in. Found a lovely place for dinner near the Yeni Camii Mosque. We had a variety of cold appetizers; mousaka, baba ganoush, olive and sesame tapenade, gazpacho, all served with fresh flat breads. We also had warm mini flat bread “pizzas” and for the main course we all shared a mixed kabab platter with 3 kinds of kabab meat, eggplant, grilled tomatoes, grilled chilies, and a fresh parsley and onion salad. We drank a very dry Turkish red wine and tried some Turkish beer.


Walked back to the hotel at a leisurely pace. Istanbul is beautiful at night.


Today was a big day. I’m off to bed.

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