Louise's Travel Journal

Mounting Olympos

If you read last evening’s posting, this was the view when we woke up this morning. We slept in the Port of Geneviz, a very small bay with an outlet facing Mount Olympos (the mountain with the cloud on top). Outstanding!

003  004

We started our day with an opportunity to swim and eat breakfast. Followed by a brief boat ride to an adjacent shoreline for a hiking adventure. The dingy boat dropped us off on the beach at the village of Cirali . We then piled in a “hayride” (tractor pulled trailer) past lemon and pomegranate orchards, to the base of Mount Olympos. We started our vertical climb and only stopped a few times to rest and once for a wishing tree, a place to tie ribbons around branches and leave your wishes (if I tell you what I wished for, it won’t come true. geesh!). We finally made it to the eternal flames of Mount Olympos. The mythology behind this place is that the Greek hero Bellerophon, mounted on the winged horse, Pegasus, and killed the three-headed Chimaera by pouring molten lead into the monster’s mouth.

023    026

After we made it back down the mountain, we rested and I had some fresh squeezed pomegranate juice. Sour and refreshing. Since this region of Turkey is known for being a sanctuary for loggerhead turtles and we saw nests on the beach, I took this opportunity to purchase my token turtle souvenir, a carved onyx turtle. Smile

Serpil and Crystal bought fresh pomegranates and brought them back to the ship with us.

Captain Moses took us to the very scenic Sazak Bay and we spent the afternoon practicing the fine art of relaxation. We read books, swam, told jokes, examined maps, napped, wrote thoughtful prose, talked politics and ate fresh fruit.

036    048

We eventually moved on and sailed a bit further down the coast. We laid anchor just after sunset in the harbor of Adrasan and took a bit more time to practice the aforementioned relaxation subjects. We ate dinner and drank wine. We laughed and solved the world’s problems. What an amazing day with a wonderful group of people.

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