Louise's Travel Journal

I’m on a Boat!

014I’m On A Boat!  015

Captain Moses and the crew set sail around 5am and we traveled to Karolos Bay for a day of swimming. Karolos means “snail” and that is exactly what this bay looks like. It’s a pretty tight spiral to navigate.

After breakfast, Claudia, Mom and I did our morning yoga up on the deck. Then we all swam and snorkled and sea kayaked until we were very tired.

Serpil, Crystal, Claudia, Gail, Mom and I took a swim to the shoreline and did some hiking around. Serpil and Crystal discovered a cave and we saw a few goats roaming around the rocky and rugged terrain.

012   006

After lunch and another swim we relaxed and read books and started a cribbage tournament. Later in the afternoon, we set sail for our final stop of the day, Gokkaya Harbour. Drinks and snacks and continuing on with a strict regiment of relaxation.

Tonight, a wonderful dinner of fish, eggplant, carrots, beans, cheese pastry,  salad, fresh fruit and halvah,


Off to bed early. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a more active day!

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