Louise's Travel Journal

Friends, Turks, countrymen, lend me your ears

Captain Moses and the crew set sail at 7:00am. We sailed the coast for just over an hour to a small bay with a tiny island called Guvercin Island (36* 11.406N 29* 36.561E). We had a breakfast followed by a  wonderful few moments to remember friends who are not with us on this adventure.

We swam and climbed Guvericn Island and then we set sail for Kas (kah-sh) We hit the town to see a few sights but primarily get some shopping out of the way.

Mom, Dad and I took off for the Hellenistic period Amphitheater. Dad took the stage and quoted his favorite Shakespeare lines so we could try out the acoustics.


After that we went spend some quality time in town. We had a wonderful time, ate dondurma (ice cream) and did our very best to stimulate the Turkish economy. Winking smile

At 5:00 we set sail, but not before a near naval battle between our boat and another that wanted our slip.  Captain Moses and the crew remained calm and good over came evil as we made our way to our night resting spot just outside the harbour. There was time for swimming, cribbage, chatting and reading before dinner.

For dinner tonight we had delicious sea bass and  a beautiful poem by our resident bard, John.

Slumbering Ship on the Sea  –  John Welckle

Quietly slumbers a ship on the sea,

Fresh from the Port of Kas,

Where shipmates become shoppers in search

of trinkets, treasures, tales of yore.

Night breeze settles in,

assorted behaviors evident.

What are we to make of our merry band of travelers?

Gathered from scattered places.

Full of life, yet mindful of death,

they sought their destinies through sharing their lives.

Now, for a few days, they share their lives with each other.

Knowing the greatest gift they offer is themselves

brought to the slumbering ship on the sea.

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