Louise's Travel Journal

It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.

We woke up at St. Nicholas Island and stayed for a bit of swimming and breakfast. We had received a poor weather report from the weather service and had to adjust our agenda for the day. However, Captain Moses insisted that we not miss Turunc Bay because it was his favorite spot along the coast.

022   034

Boy was he right. We came around the corner into Turunc Bay and were welcomed by a beautifully lush sight. Thousands of long needle pine trees that were just clinging to the steep cliffs. Beautifully clear and calm water. We swam here for a couple hours before taking off for the city of Fethiye (fet-tee-air).

We had lunch while docked in the marina before hitting town for our last opportunity to do some shopping. Mom and I did a terrible job of telling each other “You don’t need that.” So we headed back to the ship with arm loads of stuff.

After leaving Fethiye, the bad weather started to roll in. It was very windy so the Captain took that opportunity to turn off the motor and put up the sails. Just as a clarification, I should say that for the last eight days, we have been motoring around the Mediterranean. Because of the distance we need to cover each day and for a more comfortable ride, they primarily use the motor. However, since we were just heading to our evening resting spot, the crew put up the sails and we sailed for a couple hours. A delightfully serene experience. The whole boat was quiet like a library.

IMG_1354          IMG_1363

After settling in for the night, we ate dinner and a team of us assisted Serpil with counting so she could beat Duane in a game of cribbage.

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