Louise's Travel Journal

Everything is Perfect in Turkey, Even the Storms.

It rained over night. The first rain drops we’ve had this whole trip. The crew was up clearing the mattresses and pillows from the deck and covering things. We were all up closing our port holes.

The morning brought a brief stop to the rain but plenty of wind. Some people went swimming after breakfast, others took to their reading and cribbage.

The wind really started to pick up and we eventually moved to another bay that was a bit more protected. It was also very busy with other ships and boats that had the same idea. We dropped anchor just as the rain started. It rained and blew all afternoon. I stood out on the stern and watched the waves spit water with each gust. It was so hard that the rain stung my face like sleet. The crew did a great job of battening down the hatches while we all drank wine and grazed on pistachios and figs.

When the wind let up and there was a break in the rain, Captain Moses took us to port in Gocek.

The crew did their best to prepare for the incoming storm. We docked next to our sister ship the Kaya Guneri V and got settled in for the evening with appetizers and drinks. Instead of a sunset, tonight we watched as the sky turned black and heavy. The wind picked up to 80km (50mph). As our ship battled the tempest outside we happily laughed and told stories in the dining room.


Around 7:00pm we heard a loud thud as one of our ropes broke and the wind ripped us from the pier. The same had happened to the Kaya Guneri V just moments before and the two ships started to drift toward each other. Then we heard the sickening crunch as they collided. Each crew was on deck trying to manually push the two ships apart and pull up anchor. Captain Moses calmly took control and steered our ship out into the bay until the pier had cleared and then put us right back where we had been. Safe and sound for the night.

IMG_1420        IMG_1421

We tried to applaud the captain and crew for their courageous actions but Captian Moses just shrugged and said, “It’s my job”.

We picked up right where we left off with the merriment. As this is our last night on the ship we took turns speaking about our own experiences and feelings from this grand adventure. We thanked Serpil for making this magical trip happen and we thanked the Captain and crew for all of their hard work making this the trip of a life time.

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