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Büyük Bir Macera

The morning brought calm waters. We had breakfast and packed our bags. We said goodbye to Captain Moses and our wonderful crew, Anil, Ugur, and Mehmet and we disembarked the Kaya Guneri III at 10:00am.

Serpil had a bus waiting for us at the dock and we were off for a day of exploring in Dalyan before our evening flight back to Istanbul.

In Dalyan we took a river boat cruise and navigated the reed maze of the Dalyan Cayı River. We saw amazing examples of Lycian tombs carved in the mountain sides, the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos (6th Century BCE) and the Koycegiz-Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area, a beach sanctuary to loggerhead sea turtles.

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Some of us got caught in a summer rain shower on our way back from the ruin city but we all met up for lunch at a café on the west bank of the river and had a chance to dry off as the winds picked up.

We bummed around town and enjoyed out last few hours in Turkey. We had coffee, ice cream and did some last minute shopping.

At 6:00pm we went to the Dalaman airport and said our good byes to Serpil, our good friend and humble guide.

We had a very bumpy ride back to Istanbul as we passed through more bad weather. We have one night in the hotel and then we head home in the morning.

This trip has been the experience of a lifetime. I can’t say enough nice things about the Turkish people. I am in awe of their history and of their culture. Hospitality seems to be Turkey’s #1 commodity.

To encompass my feelings about this entire experience would require a whole new vocabulary. All I can say is that this has truly been a grand adventure (büyük bir macera).

2 Responses to “Büyük Bir Macera”

  1. Sinclair

    Well done. So glad you are able to express the thoughts and feelings I have been unable to find the words for. Thanks.

  2. Liz Meyer

    A bit belatedly, but I finally had the time to enjoy your postings and pictures of your trip! All I can say is that I wish I had been with you. What a perfect balance of land and sea, activity and relaxation, shopping and history, quiet time and conversation! Your photos are lovely, too. Thanks for sharing via your parents’ Christmas letter. I look forward to someday seeing the video of your synchronized swim! 🙂


    Liz Meyer


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