Louise's Travel Journal

Last Day in London… for now

Today is our last day in London. Derick headed off to work early, so I packed up my camera and headed out to see a few more places that are on my list. Annie and I agreed to meet up at the British Museum at noon so I took a morning meander around a few neighborhoods on my way there and treated myself to one more English breakfast.

The British Museum was founded in 1753 by King George II. It is a magnificent monument to art and history from the British Isles and places all over the world. Annie and I spent a couple hours there and only saw probably 25% of what the museum has to offer. I’m certainly going back in the future.

When our minds were full, we realized that our bellies certainly were not. So,  Annie took me to one of her favorite restaurants in SoHo for lunch. I had the duck confit and a lemon polenta cake for dessert. After lunch we made our way towards the river. Off Fleet Street we found Temple Church. Built in the late 12th century by the Knights Templar this church is featured in the Dan Brown novel “The DaVinci Code”. We strolled around the North Bank of the River Thames for awhile and then decided to call the boys. We met up with Derick and Matt for drinks at The Vault, a bar in the south bank tower of Tower Bridge. Beers and crisps and good conversation.

Later that evening, Derick and I made our way back across the bridge towards the hotel. We ate one last British dinner of bangers and mash at the Cheshire Cheese Charrington. We made good acquaintance of the bartenders and promised each other that we would come back again very soon.

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