Louise's Travel Journal

Beach Bag Must Haves

It’s February in Minnesota. I’m Vitamin D deficient and dreaming of just a single day of soft sand and warming rays.

Here is my list of essential, must-haves for a day at the beach.

  1. Sun Screen I promise to write witty prose somewhere in this piece, but this one is super important. Also, don’t forget the SPF15 chapstick. Have you Googled pictures of “skin cancer”? That shit is heinous!
  2. Beach Towel If you’ve made it to a beach, I’d bet that you want to sit there for a while. Make sure your towel is long enough for your body. Don’t just bring a towel from your hotel room. A descent sized towel should provide able space for your butt and your belongings.
  3. Cheap sunglasses The beach is certainly a place for looking good, but with all of the ways to lose or damage sunglasses at the beach it’s better to get sand scratches on $8 Walgreen’s aviators than ruin your whole trip because your Prada’s got stepped on.
  4. Hat Another form of sun protection that offers a stylish opportunity for a costume change.
  5. Sandals A sturdy, reliable pair of flippy floppies is an essential part of any trip to the beach. Protection from hot sand and beach debris.
  6. Plastic Bags Keep your cell phone, camera and food dry and sand free in a plastic bag. Also, pack a few extra baggies for specimen collection (shells, driftwood, shark teeth, sea glass).
  7. Water Shiftlessly lying about can be hard, sweaty work. Stay hydrated.
  8. Dove Dry Shampoo After a greasy day of sweat and tanning oil, dry shampoo is just the ticket for getting your hair back in order.
  9. Thai Deodorant Stone Also for freshening up after the beach, this magical deodorant is a hard stone that is “activated” by water. It works just like regular deodorant but is not gooey and can sit in a hot bag all day without mess.
  10. Books The beach is a great place to disconnect. Grab a good old fashioned paperback and have a read.

Top 5 Books to Read at The Beach

    1. Cats Cradle by: Kurt Vonnegut
    2. Kraken by Wendy Williams
    3. The Old Man and The Sea by: Ernest Hemingway
    4. The Rum Diary by: Hunter S. Thompson
    5. Nine Stories by: J.D. Salinger

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