Louise's Travel Journal

Meet Me In St. Louis

This has been a brutal winter. My friend Michaela and I decided that we’d had enough of the Minnesota chill so, we headed south down The Ol’ Miss to the land of BBQ. Girls weekend in St. Louis!! Beautiful spring weather and green grass was a welcome relief while we explored The Gateway To The West.

  • Accommodations: Drury Inn at Union Station

Review: clean, comfortable, friendly, great location and free happy hour every night!

  • Best Meal: FarmHaus

Review: FarmHaus focuses on using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create an intriguing dining experience. We have been blown away! The Butcher’s Plate is fascinating and everything is perfectly paired. Michaela had a beautiful NY Strip with roasted cauliflower and I had the Red Snapper with fiddle head ferns.

  • Must Do: City Museum

Review:  This museum is an eclectic mixture of children’s playground, funhouse, surrealistic museum, and architectural marvel made out of unique, salvaged objects. A great time for all ages. An inviting and inspiring space.

Most Authentic: Smokey O’s BBQ

Review:  This was the experience and food we went to St. Louis to have! Smokie O’s was worth the trip. The side dishes are homemade and the meat is delicious. After the crunchy snoots & tips, and tender brisket sandwich, we are hard pressed to think of anyplace we have eaten finer BBQ.

  • Get Smart: Museum of Westward Expansion, St. Louis Art Museum, St Louis Zoo

Review: Although our primary goal was to eat BBQ, we also spent some time enriching our minds.

  • A visit to the Museum of Westward Expansion at the St. Louis Arch  is an educational opportunity. Tons of really important American history is rooted in St. Louis. This place will tell you all about it.
  • The St. Louis Art Museum was just the quiet respite we needed from a wicked vodka hangover. Beautifully curated art from almost every culture and time period.
  • A visitor may be better served to visit this Zoo during warmer months. Not too many of the animals were out and about in March. But we got the idea that the St. Louis Zoo is well maintained with feature rich animal exhibits and engaging, natural habitats.

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