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The Lost Art of Sending Postcards

Today, I grudgingly collected my mail from the box and headed back to the house, I sorted through the bills and election fliers and enticing opportunities to change my garbage disposal service provider. I was pleased to get the latest issue of The New Yorker and promptly filed it on my coffee table with the last 3 unread issues… but then, EUREKA! a postcard! Like a stranger’s message in a bottle bringing me news of great explorations from the far reaches of the earth. (Ok, it was from my parents and they are in Canada.) I love getting postcards!

My favorite routine of any trip is the time I spend picking out postcards for all of my fellow, travel and life enthusiasts. Sitting to actually write the post cards is often a more strenuous exercise. Sometimes I sit in a café with a pile of blank postcards and not one damn thing to say. It’s truly an art to record all the sites, foods and activities coupled with the properly chosen adjectives that express the enthusiasm felt when you had the desire to share your experience in the first place. I often take the easy route and talk of good weather and excellent food or just say that “we’re having a great time!”

Honestly, I don’t think writing postcards is about what words you find, or what picture you thoughtfully choose to send. I think we write postcards to tell the people we love that while we are away exploring the world, they are in our thoughts, they are a part of our experience and we want to share it with them.

My yoga teacher, Deb once told me, “Receiving postcards is great! It’s so generous that while people travel and have the world before them, they take time to think about me.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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